Press release

Core Vocavulary (OSLO)

The OSLO Passenger Transport Hubs, a new vocabulary, application profile and tooling in support of shared mobility use cases, were created according to the OSLO method

Project material

Here you may find the official deliverables and other related documentation of the project.

Improved KPIs

The purpose of GreenMov indicators will be to measure the impact of the project from several angles.

White paper

A white paper will be created at the end of the project on how to make mobility and environment data interoperable to European Cities with lessons learned from the project and pilots.
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Reference architecture

GreenMov provides a reference architecture for scalable Context Broker  in mobility scenarios as well as a set of guidelines for practical deployment.
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Advanced green mobility services

GreenMov has already identified which mobility services are the most demanding by the cities and regions in the project and has initiated their implementation.
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Source Selection Building Block

GreenMov is developing a new building block for federated queries called Source Selection.
data models

Smart Data Models

Under the scope of GreenMov project, 16 data models have identified across the three use cases in GreenMov. Out of them, 13 were already available at the Smart Data Models repository, 3 have been extended, while 9 are completely new created by GreenMov.