Main Goal

Definition of harmonized data models for green mobility and the development of advanced green mobility services, such as traffic monitoring, shared mobility and environmental impact.

For that aim, GreenMov will define and extend Smart Data Models and Core Vocabularies for green mobility, and will integrate data provided by open data portals from the public administrations involved in the Action, the European Data Portal and Copernicus, together with real-time data captured by sensors.

Smart Data Models

Smart Data Models

CEF Context Broker

CEF Context Broker Building Block

The Action will re-use the CEF Context Broker Building Block to address real-time data, including the implementation and deployment of a scalable architecture of context brokers for green mobility scenarios in Smart Cities domain and the improvement of some of its features to enhance such scalability.

The data models, services and the architecture will be validated in three pilots: Nice, Flanders and Murcia/Molina De Segura. Furthermore, relevant datasets generated by the Action will be made available through the European Data Portal.

three pilots: Nice, Flanders and Murcia/Molina


concerned cities

green and smart mobility for citizens

As a result, the Action will contribute to making the concerned cities and regions more environmentally and socio-economically sustainable and valuable. Moreover, the collected and exposed data, through open data portals and platforms, will allow third parties, e.g., SMEs, to provide high value services in green and smart mobility for citizens, companies and public administrations and will enable interoperability between different public administrations.



Murcia and Molina de Segura

Improvement of mobility flows, intramodality and environmental parameters (air quality and noise)

Flanders region

Towards a sustainable enabler for smart and green mobility data reuse.

Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis

Noise and air pollution monitoring for more efficient mobility 

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