GreenMov has already identified which mobility services are the most demanding by the cities and regions in the project and has initiated their implementation. For each service, the required data sets, the data models to represent each type of data set and data sources have been identified. A service diagram has been depicted also for each one. At this time, the described services which are currently under implementation are listed below:

  • Air quality forecasting: hourly based pollutants estimation
  • Air quality index calculation: binary classification of air quality based on pollutants estimation.
  • Traffic forecasting: traffic flow indicators estimation
  • Traffic environmental impact calculation: binary classification based on traffic flow indicators.
  • Traffic recommendation: recommendations regarding traffic environmental impact.
  • Bikes availability forecasting: bike docks availability estimation.
  • Noise annoyance forecasting: noise pollutants estimation.
  • Noise annoyance calculation: binary classification of noise annoyance quality based on noise pollutants estimations

The detailed description of each service and technical details can be seen at this document.