GreenMov has released a first version of a reference architecture for scalable Context Broker in mobility scenarios as well as a set of guidelines for practical deployment. This initial version is leveraging from FIWARE reference architecture for Smart Cities, so the central element of this architecture is the context broker where the retrieval and sharing of the information happens.

It has four main levels. The upper level is the one for the connection with the legacy systems of the city or other general applications. This level will be extremely customized for every use case in the project.

The second level is the one with the context broker and some adapters for the connection with the legacy systems. In right side of this level there are the identification and identity blocks, ketp in this level to provide flexibility to the use cases but keeping the same basic software structure which allow scalability and shared knowledge. 

The third level of the schema is populated by the adapters with the IoT world, cameras, sensors, etc.  

The lower level (fourth) includes those IoT elements and other data sources for the solution of the city that can be connected thanks to the previous level without much hassle. This level retrieve data from different sources that can be modelled into common data models, eventually allowing seamless data sharing between use cases or city’s ecosystems and being stored into entities in the second level.

GreenMov architecture

More details can be seen at this document.

The final version of the architecture is foreseen by February 2023.