The OSLO Passenger Transport Hubs, a new vocabulary, application profile and tooling in support of shared mobility use cases, were created according to the OSLO method.

OSLO is a Flemish initiative to collaboratively describe semantics for linked data and builds upon existing (inter)national standards. The new OSLO data models are also shared via the repository.

A passenger transport hub is a place with a diverse range of transport options (e.g. trains, trams, busses, taxis, shared cars, shared (e-)bikes, e-steps). These modes of transport are coordinated and supplemented with additional services (e.g. sandwich bars, coffee shops, and bike maintenance gear). The aim is to facilitate multimodality. o In the FIWARE NGSI-LD ecosystem, smart data models were created that are interoperable with OSLO.

By mapping OSLO and the FIWARE Smart Data Model, we have proven that both can coexist and collaborate and contribute to the Linked Data strategy.

This document describes how to define OSLO elements and use them and how to map OSLO into NGSI-LD standard.