GreenMov project is just in the half of execution, and the project has just released a set of new outcomes:

  • Updated list of Smart Data Models which will allow the development of mobility services in the three project use cases: Nice metropole, Flander region and Murcia-Molina de Segura joint area.
  • First release of the reference architecture for federated data leveraging on NGSI-LD standard implemented by CEF Context Broker Building Block
  • Description of OSLO Core Vocabulary proposed by Flanders government to represent terms and concepts in mobility domains.
  • Definition of the digital services to be developed for cities relaying in AI models about noise, air quality and bikes availability and forecasting, and as well about traffic recommendations.

All outcomes can be consulted in the project web site under Outcomes section.

GreenMov will take advantages of the next FIWARE Global Summit to make public these just released results to the FIWARE Community, a natural target user for GreenMov results.

GreenMov will be presented in the Smart Data Models session to explain how these models are benefiting the development of mobility services for cities and show the data models created in the project.

Additionally, the project will be also part of the CEF projects session at the event. The session will be the perfect time to exchange with other CEF projects in Public Open Data topic the made progresses on open data and related building blocks.

The project team will meet as well in the previous days to the event, fostering the engagement with FIWARE Community. The summit will take place on 14-15 September in Gran Canaria (Spain). Visit the event page for more information.

Stay tuned to our latest news in our web site and social networks. If you want to meet with us, let's come to Gran Canaria and look for us!!