The OSLO Passenger Transport Hub track started at the end of April. The aim is to develop a European standard that semantically models transport nodes in collaboration with European stakeholders. We are building further on a similar Flemish track, OSLO Hoppin points, a semantic model for the Flemish transport hubs. 

A passenger transport hub is a place with a diverse range of coordinated transport options that enable users to change their mode of transport quickly. Just think of a place where you can borrow a shared bicycle or scooter on arrival via public transport.

Implementation of the model will improve data exchange between mobility solutions providers, leading to a better customer experience at transport hubs and thus increased multimodal usage.

A number of working groups will be organized in the coming weeks. Based on the knowledge, expertise and input of the stakeholders, we bring this interesting standard to a successful conclusion. We will be focusing on modelling topics like real-time data about shared bike availability and data about accessibility for people with a disability.

You can still register for the first thematic working group on May 19 in the link below.