The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme has demonstrated its commitment to fostering innovation and cooperation across the European continent. This time, the spotlight shines on the remarkable achievements of three prominent projects - GreenMov, ODALA, and INTERSTAT - as they joined forces to deploy Digital Service Infrastruc tures (DSIs). Together, they have created a powerful European ecosystem that bridges the gap between public administrations and private companies, making the Digital Single Market a reality. A pivotal player in this collaborative endeavor has been FIWARE, contributing significantly with its FIWARE Context Broker as a core technological implementation for each of these groundbreaking EU projects.

The Closing Event: FIWARE Summit 2023 in Vienna

The much-anticipated Closing Event of the CEF Projects took center stage at the prestigious FIWARE Summit 2023 held on 12-13 June in Vienna. This gathering served as the perfect platform for project leaders to showcase their impressive results and unveil the groundbreaking solutions developed through GreenMov, ODALA, and INTERSTAT.

Empowering Public Administrations with DSIs

Thanks to the generous funding from the CEF programme, the three projects have successfully developed services and products that are easily deployable by public administrations. The focus on Open Data initiatives has allowed these projects to harness data-driven approaches, fostering innovation and enhancing services for European citizens.

1. GreenMov: Revolutionizing Green Mobility

GreenMov Logo

One of the shining stars of the CEF programme, GreenMov, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing green mobility in Europe. By leveraging the power of DSIs and the support from FIWARE Context Broker, GreenMov has created sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. Through real-time data analysis and intelligent traffic management, cities have been able to optimize public transport networks, reduce carbon emissions, and offer citizens environmentally-friendly mobility options.

2. ODALA: Building an Open Data Ecosystem

Odala logo

ODALA has played a pivotal role in creating an Open Data ecosystem that promotes collaboration between public administrations and private companies. By integrating FIWARE Context Broker, ODALA has established a secure and standardized data-sharing platform, ensuring the seamless exchange of information. This innovation has empowered businesses and administrations alike to make data-driven decisions, thereby boosting efficiency and productivity.

3. NTERSTAT: Advancing the Digital Single Market


The significance of a unified Digital Single Market cannot be overstated, and INTERSTAT has risen to the challenge. Through the support of FIWARE Context Broker, INTERSTAT has developed cross-border solutions that eliminate digital barriers and promote seamless digital interactions. This advancement has accelerated economic growth, strengthened collaboration, and created a level playing field for businesses across Europe.